The advent of digital technology has resulted in a sea change in the way people and businesses meet their learning and professional training requirements. Institutes are no longer required to follow the traditional and age-old approach of face-to-face classes or uniform training. Instead, they can now easily use various digital tools and platforms to teach in a focused, creative and interactive way. This advancement has given birth to many smart classroom providers in India and a new breed of (Educational + Technology), i.e., edutech companies that use digital platforms to teach students of various age groups.

What are the top features of these online learning platforms?

Byju’s, Vedantu, Toppr- you name any virtual classroom service provider in India. They aim to provide a collaborative, enjoyable teaching-learning experience to their stakeholders in the education domain. The top technology features that enable them to provide that are:

Live Classes

The most important feature that e-learning companies in India invest in is the virtual platform for conducting online interactive classes. It is where the students can learn and increase their knowledge on a subject, connect with their teachers, watch videos, participate in quizzes, take exams, and engage in many other activities. This platform helps create a real classroom-like environment that enhances the entire teaching-learning experience.

Indicator Panel

Indicator Panel is a management tool that records, monitors, and analyses the teaching and learning requirements and caters to the students’ academic needs. An Indicator Panel, also known as a Dashboard, helps show the upcoming classes and manage the courses and learnings of the E-learning platform.

Doubt Solve Feature/App

An e-learning platform needs to have a separate question and answer section. This helps the parents and students to raise their queries and get a solution. Moreover, sharing knowledge expands its scope. Therefore, including such a feature enhances the overall effectiveness of the platform.

Increased Connectivity

An online interactive platform itself means reaching out to more and more people virtually through the help of digitized tools. In addition, being collaborative and interactive helps to gather more and more students.

Educational Updates

A proper virtual educational platform should have all kinds of information on it. This includes the latest updates from all across the world. It should also update itself from time to time as per the current syllabus.

Search Engine Optimized Platform

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important part of e-learning as the whole setup is entirely internet-oriented. This is what most online learning platforms leverage to stay in the competition. Hurrey is one of the best virtual classrooms service providers in India, which uses SEO tactics to increase the traffic to its website and attain higher visibility in the search result.

These are just a few of the tech features used by the edutech companies. Given the paradigm shift in the education sector, the emergence of more innovative features is just a matter of time.


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