India’s growth in the virtual learning market has been phenomenal at CAGR of 64%, with a projected growth of $1.96 Billion by the financial year ending 2021.

With the proliferation of the -use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops by the student fraternity, smart classroom solutions are poised for quantum growth in India. Many institutions are gearing up to deliver the best facilities and systems for students to learn at their own pace, at their preferred distant locations, and from their own devices.

The main components that aid these smart digital learning opportunities are –

  • Smart teaching lectures and presentations, videos, voice-over, all using smart audiovisual stations.
  • Usage of LED displays, smart and interactive boards, projectors with high definition audio systems.
  • A better way to completely captivate the students and thus help them to grasp the subject very efficiently.
  • Opportunity to see and review the lesson multiple times in the personal system of the students.
  •  Students can share their creative communication through their presentations.
  • Students become active listeners and get engaged in the lecture.
  • With a high quality of the audio and video, the teaching faculty does not need to stress themselves to make them visible as well as completely audible.
  • Students based in a remote location can give their views and opinions easily using the system.

Implementation of a virtual classroom system by educational institutes in India is being implemented at a rapid pace, as this form of education will be the future.

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Bicky Singh · September 15, 2021 at 10:34 pm

Wow, Digital learning in India growing day by day.

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